Adding the sparkle to your diet and the Shine to your life


Introducing an essential raw food recipe book for adding delicious raw food recipes to your day with joy and ease


Discover delicious and simple recipes that taste amazing, and use food found in your local supermarket and equipment you already have

There are a lot of Raw Food Recipes out there… books, internet sites, ebooks… but I have to say that when it comes to Raw Food Recipes, I always trust Rebecca.

I have tried so many recipes that looked good, sounded interested, searched high and low to find the costly ingredients, and when the final product was done, my compost pile enjoyed the results more than I did. I have had my share of raw food disappointments….

…BUT then I found Rebecca, I can honestly say that EVERY SINGLE recipe I have made from Rebecca has far exceeded my expectations… from her brownies, to her raw alfredo and uncooked-stir fry.

Her recipes are easy and include ingredients that are in my cupboard or fridge already, no more searching and no more disappointments! When I heard that Rebecca was putting together a recipe book, my heart sang with joy…. This is one book that I will definitely be adding to my library. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to go over to her website, shine on raw, try one recipe, and experience what I am talking about for yourself”



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Dear foodie enthusiast

I’m delighted to announce my first raw food recipe book

Whether you’re new to raw food, have been eating raw food for a while this recipe book is crammed full of delicious raw food recipes to delight your taste buds and satisfy you on every level.

Whether you are looking to enjoy the health benefits that adding raw food to your diet has, or just after some quick, simple and delicious food, you’ll love the recipes included in this recipe book

My name is Rebecca Kane, and I’m known as the Raw Food Alchemist. 

Why? Because transforming everyday fruits, vegetables and nuts into amazingly, delicious raw food recipes that are quick and easy is what I do best!

When I was a student my idea of cooking was making toast!

Although I’ve always loved food, I’ve never been a fan of spending hours in the kitchen. When I discovered raw food it bought together my creativity with my love of food and simplicity.

I still amaze myself (and my friends and family) with recipes that taste amazing and are ready within minutes! Who would have thought you could make guilt free chocolate brownies in less than 10 minutes!

The recipes have ingredients that are readily available and Rebecca is just an email away for making alternative suggestions should you not like one. I would urge you to try them all and, if you can, attend one of her classes”

Janice Marshall

Raw Food Recipes to Make You Shine Inside and Out is amazing – I absolutely love it and I certainly am enjoying all of the lovely recipes and Rebecca’s lovely tips.
 I love raw soups because they are so easy and quick.  I have been struggling with salads, I now have one every day and have tried all your dressings and they are yummy – I really look forward to my salads now and they are never boring.
My absolute favourite recipe is the chocolate brownies and friends that have tried them cannot believe that they are raw, dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar free – they are so quick, easy to make and delicious. I’ve taken them all over the place with me, including into work, my boss loves cakes and sweet things and the first time I brought them into work, I didn’t tell him that they were raw.
Because I am new to raw, I am sometimes a bit daunted by over-complicated recipes but I can honestly say that all of the recipes are so easy and the pictures in the book are so inviting. 

Linda Christian

This beautiful raw food recipe includes:

  • Lists of everything you need to get started
  • A full list of ingredients so that you can make all of the recipes in the book
  • An explanation of the equipment that you need – you will have most of these in your kitchen anyway!
  • My top tips to get the most out of your recipes
  • Over 50 tasty and satisfying recipes
  • Special  bonus gifts

Special Features of this Recipe Book includes:

  • A self-standing recipe book – so no more losing your page
  • Spiral bound for ease of use
  • Colour coded pages so you can quickly flick to the relevant recipe type you want

“The recipes are beautifully simple and easy to follow, and create the most amazing raw treats”

Lucy Black

Ever since I bought Rebecca Kane’s raw recipe book I haven’t stopped smiling. The recipes are absolutely delicious. My friends have even tried some of the meals I made and loved them also. They are so quick and easy to make and my favourite is the courgette pasta and pesto, it’s so fresh and tasty and my husband loves the tomato salsa.
Thank you Rebecca for your beautiful book and I can’t wait for the next one!

Carrina Rowe


I set out to create an easy to follow recipe book, that was accessible to everyone. No special food and no special equipment needed.

I wanted the recipes to be made with food and equipment already found in your kitchen.

Many people think raw food is either boring or too complicated for everyday life. In this raw food recipe book I wanted to dispel these myths. All of the recipes can be made in under 30 minutes, most of them under 15 minutes! And not a boring recipe in sight!

Shine Inside and Out contents:


This book really does make adding for food to your diet enjoyable and easy and the feedback has been amazing. You will not only impress yourself, but your friends and family too.

You may think that adding healthy and tasty food to your family’s diet would be difficult, but no more! Everyone will love these recipes.

I hope that you enjoy them!

with shining warmth

Rebecca x

To order your copy please select from one of the options below:
EU Residents

UK, Germany, Belgium etc
£14.99 + £2.50 P&P

Non EU Residents

USA, Canada, Australia etc
£14.99 (approx* USD $24 / AUD $23 / CAD $24) + £4.50 P&P

In a word Rebecca’s food is “ahhhmazing”. I had already been experimenting with raw after seeking the help of a nutrionalist to try and help loose weight but was really struggiling with green smoothies and removing chocolate from my diet – when the chance to interview Rebecca came up for our radio show “Women in the City”.

She brought with her some raw goodies for me to try – I was hooked! A couple of months down the line I am using her recipes every day, I am enjoying nay loving the green smoothies and I am experimenting with the basics she has taught me to create my own concoctions that suit my tastes and family.

Hats off to her as she has even got my 4 year old eating nuts, fruit and other such goodies without even noticing because they taste so good!

Rebecca is truly an inspiration and I am thankful her universe collided with mine”

Maria Billington

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